Structural & Civil Engineering

What We Do

REX CON COR Consultants Pvt. Ltd has a team of skilled Civil & Structural engineers who have domain expertise and vast industry experience to build the most sustainable and energy-efficient structures. We also are very familiar with the tools such as STAAD Pro®, ETABS & SAFE and have been designing & drafting buildings from complex multi-specialty Hospitals to shopping complexes & residential towers. We provide outputs specially tailored to Client needs and provide end-to-end Design Engineering & drafting services upon the areas as highlighted below.

Structural Design Services include :

  • Concept & Detailed Structural Design
  • Setting out & formwork drawings
  • Reinforcement details & shop drawings
  • Structural Steel Design & fabrication drawings
  • As-Built drawings
  • GFC drawings & documents

Our Expertise

Civil Structural Engineering Services

REX CON COR Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a consulting engineering firm that provides cost-effective C/S designs to owners and operators in traditional and emerging energy markets.

Civil Engineering

  • Designs and calculations for site grading, roads, drainage, culvert crossings, earth tank foundations, ponds, well pads and road access for gathering lines based on applicable codes and standards
  • Designs and calculations for piling, foundations and related element designs for vertical and horizontal capacities, as well as foundation settlements
  • Design drawings for engineering compliance
  • Construction support and supervision of earthworks, and perform engineering checks for code compliance, as well as respond to RFIs
  • Preparation of the engineering work packages, MTOs and cost estimates for Civil/Structural bids and proposals
  • RFQ and PO packages for roads, creek crossings, retaining structures and animal/pipeline crossings

Structural Engineering

  • Loading and load combinations based on applicable codes and standards
  • Reviews of shop drawings for structural adequacy and accordance with IFC structural drawings
  • Structural designs, rack structure supports, structural foundation drawings, main structural frames, secondary steel frames, platforms and access, architectural plan drawings and load foundation calculations
  • Structural engineering designs including steel structures, concrete structures, steel buildings, piling and foundations, and related element designs
  • Calculation review and preparation

FAQ’s on Structural Engineering

What is the work of the structural engineer?

Structural engineers are primarily concerned with designing and constructing buildings and structures that are safe and capable of withstanding the elements to which they will be exposed, as well as improving the structural integrity of existing buildings.

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