Smart Village, Lig Township, Mini Bussiness Hub

Our Concept

The Focus – To aware & organize home & Job to at one location, to as many people’s at each city / nearby , To save wastage of working hours, just for travelling / reduce load on
Infrastructure. Thus – SAVE MOTHER NATURE. To increase productive human working hours for self employment = Boost Local production / Economy. Example – Bhiwandi / Ulhasnagar , etc. developed by public over 30/40 years. MMRDA plans – Business hub / Economic Growth centre on Multi model corridor at MMR. Till date – No Economic / Business hub for LIG throughout INDIA. The Govt. initiative – Remodel the SEZ into Economic & Employment Enclave ( 3Es )

The Govt. initiative – Remodel the SEZ into Economic & Employment Enclave (3Es)

Work Program / Action Plan

Level 1

Basic knowledge and Works required to be done at ULB ( Urban Local Body / municipality / Block) level / District level – pan India. At each municipal / district level , every govt body provides social / financial / support for development of LIG & BPL citizens . These development works are generally run by either social development department of other related departments. Ex. Khadi & Village industries Commission is running HASTSHILP / self occupation schemes since last 60+ years.

Many information is readily available at govt website. To explore following at district level :

  1. To find out number of LIG / BPL citizens through govt website or other source.
  2. To find out job scheme being run by local govt. for LIG / BPL.
  3. To find out Housing scheme being run by local govt. for LIG / BPL.
  4. To find out affordable housing facility being provided by local govt to general private housing development.
  5. To find out the location / area / size of land acquired by govt. for any type of social development work.
  6. To find out district level / govt budget for such development schemes .
Level 2

We as NGO & Town planner ( Architect + Engineer + Advocates + CA + MBA – Professionals only ) , must try / find out / know all the principles / schemes being run by govt . To find out lapses / reason of failures / Take reference from other town & city / Re – organize and make new model of the plan / better way . Make proposal and submit to govt for approval .

Level 3

Basic knowledge about BPL / LIG citizens , Every town always has its share of poor people , mostly unorganized. We need to reach and meet them & get them to register for our scheme .

Improve your Knowledge part – 1

Throughout India PMAY is only providing housing , it comes under housing department. PMKVY is only providing skills , it comes under Human Resource department. PMMY is only providing loan / money , it comes under Finance department. Important part – Market for products – to be made by BPL / LIG people at project – to be created automatically / with NGO support. Help of KVIC, others will be very important & crucial.

Improve your Knowledge part – 2

All those scheme , which are being run & done by govt , generally takes too much time and carries obstacles for lower strata of people. Same can be done by any NGO – pan India , in small scale / in pockets. Thus making it faster & easily implementable.

The Action plan – part – 3

LIG Group / society of same type workers will demand govt / collector / ULB land and facilities to open small scale industry for employments and housing. Landowners to provide land for such activity. Bank to provide finances. REXGSSPMAY – To provide town planning / project management. Civil Engineers & Contractors to execute project / do construction.

FAQ’s on Smart Village