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REX CON COR Consultants Pvt. Ltd owns a multidisciplinary team of experienced BIM modelers, BIM engineers, and BIM architects facilitating shop drawings, point cloud, scan to BIM, and construction contract documents along with 3D rendering and visualization. Our information rich Revit Architectural BIM Modeling services with specified LOD (Level of Detail) has accomplished residential, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, and education sector projects. Ensures delivering accurate Revit modeling services for all stages from schematic design, and conceptual design to construction mannual / project documents. Clash coordinated Revit 3D Model is the foundation for futuristic architectural BIM modeling services.


  • Concept Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Scan to BIM & BIM Modeling
  • Architectural Visualization And
    3D Rendering Services
  • Façade Shop Drawings

Our Expertise In

Architectural BIM Services & Stages For Building Designs

Schematic Design:
The stage of schematic design is associated with the interpretation of the architect’s sketch for various project activities. It is related to the LOD 200 Revit Model including masses replaced with generic components. Constructability Review and Quantity Extraction based on specific elements are conducted during this stage.

Design Development:
At this stage of design development, the schematic design decisions are executed in greater detail and it corresponds to LOD 300. BIM quantity take offs, constructability analysis, and shop drawing preparation are executed at this stage for energy analysis, clash detection & cost analysis. Design development facilitates making accurate pre-purchase evaluations for the construction project at the design build stage.

Construction Document:
Our construction-ready model includes design modifications as well as changes coming from clash resolution. Construction documentation acts as a bridge between building design and the physical building, encompassing shop drawing preparation and other specifications as per the building requirement. This corresponds to the LOD 400 Revit Model, including elements accurate in terms of shape, orientation, size, and location with assembly, fabrication & other detailed information.

Our Architectural Revit Modeling Services Include

Architectural Visualization And 3D Rendering Services

Architectural visualization is the procedure of fabricating a 3D architectural model from 2D architectural drawings. After completing the 3D models, the designers need to give a realistic look to their models, and that’s where we implement 3D architectural rendering & animation.

  • Architectural Animation Walkthrough
  • 3D Architectural Modeling
  • 360 Virtual Tours
  • Architectural Plan Rendering
Façade Shop Drawings / Fabrication Drawings

REX CON COR Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best facade shop drawing service providers in India. The façade is the envelope of the building that enhances the appearance of the building, along with providing privacy and saving the occupants from exterior environmental factors. Façade shop drawings or façade fabrication drawings help the fabricators and installers with the fabrication and installing a façade in a residential or commercial building. A façade shop drawing shows the material details, dimensions, fabrication details, and installation details.

  • Curtain Wall Shop Drawings
  • Storefront Shop Drawings
  • Glass Shop Drawings
  • Window Shop Drawings
  • Glazing Shop Drawings
  • Glass Entrances Shop Drawings

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