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Example :‐ A cosmopolitan society OR group of 20/50/100/300 person & their family with different class / age / literacy, etc, coming together for one basic requirement ‐ Bigger & better Home.

As we all know ‐ for any subject ( redevelopment ) to move / process among many mindsets but with majority consent , some kind of fundamentals / principles are required ( rule of game ) :‐

The redevelopment consists of mainly 3 parts :‐
1. Members management
2. Planning management
3 . Construction Management
Following are rule of the game ( key to success by REX ) for Members management. this part is considered the most critical part with much higher risk & weight age.

The principle is : ‐
1. To adopt schematic procedure – to do ( PMC – as guide ) & bring each member on parallel platform for equal & proportionate distribution of beneficial property share to each & all eligible stakeholders / MEMBERS.
2. To adopt & do ( PMC ‐ a guide ) Practical cum technical cum legal procedure to provide all information & solve all issues to make each & all members systematically & progressively understand thus agree on same date ‐ stage wise on ultimate six agenda ( redevelopment – benefit – developer – vacate – construct – repossess ).

Society must follow the guideline passed by govt. of Maharashtra dated – 3rd January 2009. Available / at govt. website and at Housing Society Federation – Fort & M. S. W. A. – Andheri.
Phase – 1 Approval of Redevelopment process and appointment of builder. Period – 15 weeks. The process has been divided into six stage. Each stage if further divided into 2 – 3 stages.
Important – No member shall give final consent until following process has been done by society.
For each stage society shall issue circular to all members with proof of delivery with specific / limited time frame ( 5 / 7 / 10 days ) for members to reply back only in writing. Members shall acknowledge the circular & must reply ( objection / suggestion ) within specified time frame, no reply shall be taken confirmation as affirmative / positive for present stage / subject and to go on next stage. Queries from members shall be incorporated for reply during next SGBM. Each STAGE must be informed to registrar & Video recording / photography of all meetings shall be done. All circulars with proof of delivery are a legal document admission able at any /all court of law as per case / condition. Stages of redevelopment process are as following :‐
1. 25% members writes / request MC for redevelopment.
2. At SGBM ‐ 75% members must say yes for redevelopment process only in writing.
3. Redevelopment committee ( 10% of the strength – average ) shall be formed out of new members & present managing committee.
(On receipt of Interest letter members – to select by voting in SGBM )
4. Suggestion / If necessary Society shall appoint a structural consultant to do Structural survey / Audit of the building, present the report to SGBM & resolve if Repairs ( No ) to be done.
5. At SGBM ‐ Members must approve expenditures for the process of redevelopment in writing.
6. Minimum 5 PMC / Architect shall be invited through newspaper, after scrutiny of their papers / experience any one shall be appointed at SGBM by Members.
7. Project feasibility report must be prepared by PMC / Architect. ‐ one month.
8. Report should be circulated to each / all members. SGBM must approve the guideline of feasibility report & approve to initiate tender process.
9. Tender terms / conditions / questionnaire must be prepared by PMC / Architect, for approval by society.
10.Terms / Question / summery sheet of tender shall be circulated to all members for their information, remark & suggestion , shall be discussed & approved at SGBM.
11.Builder / developer shall be invited through min. 2 newspaper notice. Period 21 / 30 days.
12.Each & all members shall be informed by circular to call their choice for builders but through tender process / system only.
13.Each / all members must be informed to attend the pre – bid meeting to hear out builder’s query.
14.SGBM shall be called on the date of Submission of Sealed tender / bids / offers must be at society office. To be opened within next hour in presence of maximum members.
15.1st Comparison on sheet on all three parameters ‐ Prequalification details, technical & legal terms, financial bid as per offer submitted should be prepared by PMC / Architect. ( 7 ‐10 days )
16.All ( 3 ) comparison ‐ summery sheet must be issued to all members for their remarks / suggestion.
17.Short listing of minimum five developers shall be done by secret voting by members and approve & finalized at SGBM.
18.Site visit / inspection ( 2 completed / 2 running) of each bidders / developers shall be done by all mem. / redev. Committee.
19.Personal meeting of each bidder at 5 SGBM with all members shall be organized for clarification/ correction / negotiation / understanding of terms / points. Accordingly corrected / revised in detail offer shall be called from bidders as per format approved by society.
20.On receipt of clarification from developers / bidders final report on all four parameters ‐‐ site visit , Prequalification details, technical & legal terms, financial bid, should be prepared by PMC.
21.Selection of any three developer by written voting shall be done at next SGBM.
22.Once again negotiations must be done among three and then to select any one as Mock voting and clarify any more issues if pending / required.
23.Rep. of registrar should be called to be present during SGBM to select final builder.
24.Maximum member must attend the SGBM meeting and 75% of total strength must approve the builder / developer appointment.
25.After approval / confirmation by majority, M.C. must ask again for detailed / clarified offer from developer as discussed / presented during final SGBM, after clarification of all terms only , the society within 15 days may issue conditional appointment letter ( LOI ) to developer for redevelopment.
26.The appointment letter shall be valid for 3 / 6 months from the date. Within this period developer / society must enter into development agreement / MOU.