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a. Meetings date & time to be arranged with us at least one week in advance. through written information from both side.( Email/letter)
b. It is advisable to circulate copy of our profile / contents to each members attending meeting OR ask them view our website. ( brief )all information is available at website.
c. At first meeting with us ( REX ) before appointment :-
d. Members must provide their questions in writing to MC / PMC prior to meeting .
e. Members asking question must try to be as brief as possible & expect brief reply in return.
f. Members need not to explain everything , it may be considered as waste of time / one man ship / egoistic / disruption over importance.
g. All the information shall be in brief only / principle to principle / concept basis.
h. Ask members to assemble 10 mins before time or ask us to come 10 mins after meeting time.
i. Society member to provide / collect - written questions from members & only one member to interact)
Time required -
Profile presentation - 15 mins.
PMC comparison & Competence / case study - 10 mins.
Details about your property - 10 mins.
Work scope model presentation - 15 mins .
Question & Ans - 15 mins .

1. Society have distributed the profile ( soft / hard ) to everyone attending meeting ? Yes/No
2. Society has provided relevant information ( soft / hard copy ) to PMC before meeting ? Yes/No
3. Society members knows about the PMC before the meeting ? Yes/No
4. Do you need a copy of presentation to view it afterwards ? Yes/No
5. One hour meeting & discussion is sufficient for members to understand basics ? Yes/No
6. One hour meeting & discussion is sufficient for members to decide & appoint PMC ? Yes/No
7. Society is willing to comply / accept the best working model to get 100% consent ? Yes/No
8. Society is willing to comply with standard working model to get 75% + consent ? Yes/No
9. Members expect the would be PMC to be as per following :-
a. should be strict on principles ? Yes/No
b. should inform ground realities ? Yes/No
c. a better than others expert ? Yes/No
f. should make us relax & make process easier ? Yes/No
i. meet SGBM one time before appt ? Yes/No
k. to do each & all important work to provide support ? Yes/No
l. to provide support on almost everything ? Yes/No
m. to provide legal & technical support only ? Yes/No
n. to provide free services if possible / initially ? Yes/No
o. to reply each & all questions raised by members ? Yes/No
p. should make good show & talk sweet ? Yes/No
q. should be from same community ? Yes/No
r. freely available as & when called / invited ? Yes/No
s. From nearby area / local resident ? Yes/No
t. meet few members many times before appt ? Yes/No
p. to reply only positive questions as per stage of redevelopment? Yes/No