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( As information received from 2000 + members )

ADOPT +ve and AVOID -ve

  • Redevelopment = property enhancement is a very sensitive subject requires utmost care.
  • There are approx. 8000 society buildings planning for redevelopment. Within Suburbs - App
  • Approx. 4,000 societies - its members are discussing / struggling / fighting among themsel
  • Redevelopment is directly related to property enhancement ( area / cash / value ). It is a joint subject for one and all , to be exercised by all but jointly.
  • Managing committee / redevelopment committee members are regular members in a society and not an expert on the subject.
  • Ego & ignorance & innocence within active MC / RDC members must be avoided.
  • Mistake done by MC / RDC member during process, leaves space / scope for negative members & builders to create hurdles / legal issue / blackmail at advance stage.
  • Majority 90% of society do not maintain & keep their society record, property documents, building plan, etc.
  • Majority thinks they will solve all problems as it comes, hence avoid collective planning.
  • Experienced PMC is required for efficient / productive planning and time saving.
  • There were only 4-5 PMC before 2009, they are with good track record today. But after new guidelines came into force now there are 1500 PMC.
  • 60% of new PMC are bogus / promoted by some builders. 50% of consultants / Architect / engineer / advocates, etc., flee their clients.
  • 40% of societies treats their ( Advocates / Architects / engineers ) as common service provider and in process fails to get effective services.
  • Every citizen wants their children to become Engineer / Architect, but avoids consulting them when redevelopment like need arises, instead runs to builders / developers expecting special fruits.
  • To avoid conflict of interest - PMC work shall be of independent nature as third party quality auditor / proof consultants., must not be involved as design Architect / planner.
  • There are only 50+ builders / developers with normal / average track record.
  • Many builders have already got more than 20 – 30 projects, this is more than they can handle / manage. Many builders delay the project after appointment.
  • In general project should take 30 months all inclusive, but it takes more than 5 years to complete.
  • Many builders ( 70% ) are with dubious track record.
  • Builders / developers watch / study society peoples during discussion, accordingly play their card, while giving offers with minimum details.
  • 60% of the members do not take active interest in society matters. This gives scope to others to look for personal gain, after certain stage of work passes away they cry foul. Better to keep watch.
  • 20% members in many of society, consult builders & get trapped or adopt improper ways to move the project. Does everything in capacity for personal gain.
  • Newton’s third law is applicable in society functioning also. There will be equal and opposite reaction to all action. If your action on the subject is good then others reaction will be equally good, if not so good OR bad then others reaction will be the same.
  • Each & all members must keep & study all papers / plan / records at each level and record your remarks / suggestions with society, otherwise if others will study for you, certainly they will try to eat your fruit pie.
  • Listen to all but believe & trust only 50% , don’t hurry, crosscheck all the facts at all time, take time, then only move ahead.
  • Within each society - first 20% + members remains positive & active, Last 20% + members remains negative & active, balance 60% + members remains non active & flows with the wind.
  • Any wrongdoing by anyone in this world comes in front sooner or later. Repercussions are much heavier , misdeeds are better for avoidance.
  • There can be more than 300 questions a society must ask the builders before appointment. Builder / developer must reply if their experience / credentials are genuine. Same must be guided , prepared and cross checked with the help of PMC.
  • All details on offer ( financial – technical – legal – Admin – general - 300 information terms ) must be obtained / clarified from builder before issue of Letter of appointment. If you fail to do so then even GOD will fail to help you afterwards
  • Managing / taking care of majority of members issues / remarks / requirements is very essential to move ahead collectively on the project.
  • Redevelopment guidelines / MCS acts 1960 / society bye laws / MOFA 1963 / MRTP ACT 1966 / Transfer of Property Act 1882 / stamp duty Act 1908 / income taxs / capital gains tax & other property laws, Development Control Rules ( DCR ), National Building Code , other Rules & Regulations governing Developments & constructions must be considered for drafting tender terms & agreement terms by PMC.