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REX CON COR Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS (ARCHITECTS – STRUCTURAL / CIVIL ENGINEERS – LEGAL / FINANCIAL ADVISORS / TECHNO LEGAL ADVISOR / PROOF CONSULTANTS) is well known & only company with below mentioned activities under one roof with proven record of 2000 or more residential / commercial / Industrial buildings as client in span of 18 years.

  • New constructions of all kind of structures i.e. Commercial, Industrial and Residential Complex.
  • Re – Development of society building / plot Commercial / Residential.
  • Techno – legal advice for legal documentation & services for implementation of contractual terms on site during construction.
  • Repairs and Restoration of structures like Commercial, Industrial and Residential Complex, Bridges, Dams, Hospitals, Schools, Canals, etc.
  • Non - destructive testing facilities. The specific instruments are used to find out quality / strength / integrity / stability.
  • We have collaboration with U. S. based company called M/S. CON COR and M/S. TEST CONSULTS of U.K. for all logistic and technical supports required for the purpose / project.
  • Consulting Structural Engineer for Structural Audit & Retainers for Building Maintenance.
  • Third party Auditor for design – quality – cost / Proof Consultancy ( independent / random ) to read / inspect / survey the design / drawing along with construction cost & quality & quantity.
  • Technical Arbitration / Construction OR Project Valuation.